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US Distributor for Nottingham Analogue Turntables


$13,995.00 USD

Handcrafted from "logs" of oak or sapele, the Anna Log is both a joy to listen to and a feast for the eyes as well. This 44 kg. belt driven turntable offers heavy / damped platter, oil pumping platter bearing, low noise, low torque synchronous motor; Recommended arm is the 10" or 12" Ace Anna tonearm. Arm Not Included. 

Anna Log Ships in 2 Boxes:

  1. Box @ 89lbs 19" x 23" x 15" (40kgs 47x57x36cm)

  2. Box @ 67lbs 30" x 22" x 20" (30kgs 15x55x50cm)

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